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Waterproof Easy-Open Daily Pill Case Subpackaged For Vitamins Capsule Travel

SKU : CJCC1578879


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This unique 7 day AM PM weekly pill organizer is designed for storing a huge lot of pills and vitamins of all sizes and shapes at a single place. It makes managing your weekly medicine prescription easy.

The pill dispenser is constructed to hold seven layers separately. Each layer is dedicated for one weekday and has four compartments with labels(Am Pm Evening Bedtime) letting you organize vitamins or medication by time of day & day of the week.

The outer case is designed transparent and see-through, easy-open lids, easy to double check that you’ve organized and taken your pills correctly.

Our pill organizer box is made of rugged and highly durable plastic, guaranteed to last for a lifetime. With removable tray and lids, it’s extremely easy to load and unload your medicines.

Due to its lightweight and compact shape, it’s a perfect dispenser for carrying your supplements and pills while travelling. Suitable for Elderly People, Forgetful People, Multiple-medications-taken People, etc.

Material: ABS plastic
Size: 175x117x52mm/6.89×4.61×2.05inch

Package Includes:
1*28 Slot Pill Case

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 1750 × 1170 × 520 cm



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