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New 433mhz Universal Key Smart Electric Garage Door Replacement Cloner Car Control Remote

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Product Description

New 433mhz Universal Key Smart Electric Garage Door Replacement Cloner Car Control RemoteInstructions:

* Working voltage : DC 12V
* Input/Output vlotage : 1~250V
* RF frequency : 433MHz
* Quiescent Current : <5MA
* Max current : 10A
* Max load: 2200W
* Pin : NO / COM / NC
* Remote Control Size : 68*36mm
* Receiving range : Open space is more than 50 meters
* Working temperature : -30~+80 Celsius
* Receiving Sensitivity : >97dbm
* Amount of storage remote controls : 20 pieces
* Support encoding : 1527 Leaning code /2262 fixed code
* RF Operating mode : ASK superheterodyne wireless reception
* Remote operating mode : Momentary Mode / Toggle Mode / Latched Mode

We usually do not recommend copying a rolling code chip, because there are many uncertainties when copying a rolling code chip.
When copying a rolling code chip remote control, it is not possible to determine whether the original remote control chip is an
encryption chip. Therefore, we do not recommend copying the rolling code remote control.
• Input Voltage: 12 V, RF working mode: Superheterodyne
• Receiver sensitivity: > 97 dbm
• Transmitting distance:> 100 m ( open space)
• Decoding mode: MCU software decoding
• Remote storage: 20
• Support remote type: EV1527 learning code
• Working mode: Momentary, toggle, latching time delay (5s ,10s ,15s )
• Output terminal: NO , NC , COM
• Dimension of PCB:35 x 30 x 18 mm (L,W,H)
• Remote control battery: 2 x 3 V CR2016 button batteries
Note: Maximum input power is 250 V

Remote programming
-Clearing the code :
Push the learning button on the receiver 8 times , the codes will be reset.
After clearing the code, remotes will be need to be recalibrated

-Momentary mode
Please contact us for detailed use instructions

-Learning the code : ( Toggle – Press remote button to turn on, press again to turn off.)
Press the learning key on the receiver 2 times, Wait for a moment , the LED will be off , it comes into learning state .

-Push the learning key on the receiver 3 times , the LED (on the Receiver)will blink 3 times.
When the LED is on, press the button of the remote control(You want to let it learn), Push the remote button A, LED flash for 3
times .
Push the remote button B, Led flash for 3 times .
After 3 seconds , the LED indicator will be off , Learning to succeed.

Model Number: Wireless Remote Control Switch
Wireless Communication:RF
Frequency:433 MHz

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