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Mini Laser Machine Engraver DIY 3D 1600mW Removable Engraving Printer

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Product Description

 Mini Laser Machine Engraver DIY 3D 1600mW Removable Engraving Printer 


The product price exclude protective cover by default,please contact us if you need the protective cover

Color: gold/black/red
Product size: 6.5*6.1*5.3cm
Product weight: 190g
Packing size: 19.5*20.5*7cm
Total packaging weight: 740g
Best engraving height: the distance between the laser head and the engraved object is about 20cm
Engraving area: 10*10cm
Laser source OSRAM 450nm blue light, service life of at least 10,000 hours;
Laser power: 1.6W
Appearance: Aluminum alloy anodizing
Operation: Mobile APP
APP connection method: blue t0oth connection
blue t0oth version: blue t0oth 4.0 and above
APP operating system: support IOS 9.0+/Android 5.0+
Power input: type-c (5V, 2A)
Operating temperature range: 0 ° C ~ 65 ° C
Operating humidity range: 5%~80% (non-condensing condensation)
Safety certification: IEC60825-1 (laser level safety specification), CE, RoHS, FCC, CDRH registration,
IEC60825-1 (laser level 4)

Packing list:
1* laser engraving machine
1* tripod
1* protective glasses
1* ruler
2* sample paper
1* instruction manual

1. Materials that can be engraved: wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, rubber, sponge, comb, wallet or other combustible plastic (such as mobile phone case, mouse, pencil, business card, wallet, plastic comb);
2. Materials that cannot be carved: metal, stone, jewelry, reflective materials, silver, white paper (astigmatism, poor effect), materials that cannot be burned or focused, such as metal without any coating, transparent plastic, with added resistance Combustion material
3. Engraving area: 10*10cm
4. Distance between laser head and object to be carved: about 20cm


Common problem

Before buying
1. How to set the engraving parameters of different materials! !! !!
–The laser woodpecker APP intelligently recommends the engraving power and depth parameters of different materials, and the user can also customize the parameters;
2. On what materials can I sculpt?
–Laser woodpecker can be carved on non-metal soft materials such as cardboard, cork, cloth, felt, leather, wood, plastic, EVA, etc. (White, blue and highly reflective materials need to be blackened with black whiteboard Re-engraving)
3. Can it be carved on clothes?
–Laser woodpecker can sculpt on clothing fabrics, but there are reflections of white, green and yellow colors, which will damage the laser power when sculpting. Therefore, it is recommended to use a higher laser power to offset the power loss caused by reflection. To achieve the desired effect.
4. Can glass, ceramics and lacquered metal be carved?–
Ceramic and glass materials need a thermal transfer layer on the surface before engraving
5. Can stainless steel and stone be carved?
6. Can I engrave the QR code 
–Yes, but the resolution of the pattern required by the QR code is high, so you need to choose a material that is easier to carve a high-definition pattern, such as flat kraft paper, dark colored wooden boards
7. How to carve transparent and white?
-Need to be blackened with a whiteboard pen before engraving to prevent damage to the laser power caused by light transmission;
8.What is the deepest depth of wood and plastic carving?
–The laser woodpecker APP intelligently recommends the engraving power and depth parameters of different materials. Users can also customize the parameters. The wood and plastic systems mentioned here have recommended values;
9. Which materials can be carved out?
-Such as thin wooden boards, cardboard, felt cloth, etc.
10. How big a pattern can be carved on the surface, can it be carved in a circle?
–This is related to the curvature of the surface. For example, a pattern with a diameter of 80mm can be carved on a normal-sized fruit grapefruit, and a pattern with a diameter of 40mm can be carved on a fruit orange with a larger arc. In a circle, you need to prepare a suitable pattern, and combine carving in different positions of the material several times.
11. How to transfer pictures and what format pictures are needed?
–You can select all the picture engraving in the mobile phone on the app, or transfer the picture or vector material to a G-code file through the computer and transfer it to the mobile phone. After converting the G-code file, the engraving speed will be accelerated: JPG, PNG, JPEG Wait.
12. How to convert G code?
-Use the G-Code mode provided in the laser woodpecker app, or use the open source GCODE editing tool Inkscape software to convert.
13. Can a thin-line portrait be carved, and how fine is it?
–Yes, the fineness can hit 0.4mm.
14. How to operate the finer engraving range?
–The engraving range is based on the laser focal length of 20cm, and the maximum engraving pattern size is 10cm. You can find the mode setting menu in the menu side menu of the app, which has a continuous preview switch. After you open it, you can use the continuous laser preview function. Quickly and accurately determine the engraving range of a pattern.
15. How many pixels are printed and can I adjust the power? Is the printed picture clear?
-The pixel is 1000×1000, which can adjust the power and use different image processing modes according to actual needs
Patterns with different sharpness can be carved.
16. How long can the product be used continuously, and how long is it used?
-The life of the laser source is more than 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to 9 hours of continuous use for 3 years.
17. What is the smallest and largest range that can be carved?
–Laser woodpecker can sculpt a minimum of 0.4mm points and a maximum of 100mmx100mm.
18. How to determine the scope of batch engraving?
–The mode setting menu can be found in the side menu column of the app, which has a continuous preview switch. After it is turned on, the laser’s continuous preview function can quickly and accurately determine the engraving range of the pattern.
19. How much power can I customize?
-The current version has a rated output power of 1.6W, and high-power equipment is under development.
20. How many watts is the high power? When does it come out? Still portable?
-The current version has a rated output power of 1.6W, and high-power equipment is under development. It is expected to be launched in June 2020. The volume will be slightly larger, but it is still portable.
21. Is APP easy to operate? Is it easy for newbies to get started?
–The laser woodpecker app is extremely simple to operate, it is easy to get started, and intelligent reminders are used throughout.
22. Is the APP charged? Is the material charged?
-The laser woodpecker app is free worldwide, and the material is also free.
23. What versions of the App are there and what certificates can I sell overseas?
-At present, the App version is available in Chinese, English and Japanese versions. The software and patents are complete. The App is free worldwide and the supporting equipment can be sold overseas.
24. Can it be operated by computer?
25. With or without consumables, how many volts do I need to supply power?
–No consumables, power supply requirement is 5V / 2A.
26. Can I take the plane?
-There is no battery inside, and external stable USB power supply of 5V / 2A or more is required. It can also be powered by mobile power. It can be checked or carried on the plane.
27. Is it harmful to the human body?
–Because the temperature at the focal point of the laser light can reach more than 300 degrees Celsius, it is harmful to the skin of the human body, especially the eyes. Therefore, it must be used in safe mode or under safety protection.
28. What is the case when using the highest power or engraving?
-If the height of the equipment is appropriate (laser focal length is 20cm), the current laser woodpecker equipment cannot sculpt unusually hard materials such as metal, ceramics, glass, and stone. Therefore, on such materials beyond the design scope, It is impossible to sculpt even with extreme power; but for common materials such as wooden boards, cardboard or non-transparent plastic, if it is not engraving, please observe whether the material is reflective and transparent. If it is black, you need to use blackboard pen to sculpt.


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Mini Laser Machine Engraver DIY 3D 1600mW Removable Engraving Printer 



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