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Gymnastic wooden rings for sports competitions Adult pull-ups Birch rings



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Product Name: High-grade high-quality birch rings

Color as shown

Material: birch + high strength polyester

Wood ring specifications: outer diameter –235mm inner diameter –180mm ring thickness –28mm

Sling specifications: length-4.5 meters width-2.5cm

Product configuration: ring + strap + PE bag + carton


1. The ring thickness of 28mm is the international standard, and the ring thickness of 32mm is the bold standard.

2. The sling is a high-strength polyester braided belt, and the top of the belt has a metal buckle to fix the hanging ring, which can be freely stretched.

3. The ring products produced by our factory are all formed at one time, the inner core has no black knots, and the phenolic resin E0-E1 grade waterproof adhesive is pressed. The strength and waterproofness are not comparable to the performance of the two boards on the market. ! The glue used in ordinary secondary press products on the market does not have any strength, let alone water resistance, and affects the overall appearance of the ring. In use and easy to crack in the middle, there is a great hidden danger!

Additional information

Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 40 cm



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