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Dropshipping Shopify Amazon HOT SALE 12V 6A Lead acid Battery Charger Pulse Repair motorcycle car battery charger

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(12V battery charger)12V 6A Lead acid Battery Charger temperature control compensation charger battery Pulse Repair motorcycle car battery charger


                  Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger




110Vac or 220Vac


14.7V  Float charge voltage:13.8V (for 12V lead acid battery)

Output current



Temperature control compensation charger


35AH,60AH 80AH lead acid battery




-Short circuit protection

-Overvoltage protection

-Overcurrent protection

-Overheating protection

-Reverse connection protection

Apply to

Children’s toy cars, motorcycles, cars, etc.




car battery charger.jpg
We are the professional manufacturer of all kinds of the battery chargers, such as SLA, AGM,GEL lead-acid battery charger, lithium battery charger, lifepo4 battery charger, etc. We can customize all kinds of battery charger for every customer, any quantity is ok.
Each charger only can charge for one kind battery, such as if you choose lead acid battery, we will manufacture the lead acid battery charger, it will not work for lithium battery or lifepo4 battery. Because different kind battery charger the charging curve is different. 
Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger
car battery charger.jpg 

The Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger has designed highly reliable and meet international safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

A:Input Characteristics:

   Input Voltage: 100-240Vac input AC voltage

   Input Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz and single phase.

   Inrush Current (cold start):30A Max.@110Vac/60HZ/ 60A Max.@230Vac/50HZ

   Efficiency: ≥85.0% 230Vac/50Hz(Typical full load)

B:Output Characteristics:

   Constant Charging Voltage: 14.7V   Float charge 13.8V

C:Charging ModeIntelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

   3 Stages, CC, CV, Trickle 

D:Safety Test for battery charger

   Hi-pot Test:15KVac 5mA 3 Seconds between input and output test

   Resistance:The battery charger insulation resistance shall be not less 30M ohms after application of 500Vdc/10mA for 3 Seconds

   Drop test: Height: The battery charger conform to BS EN60068-2-32:1993 TEST ED: free fall appendix B

E:Protection for battery charger

Over Voltage Protection   The battery charger supply will be auto recovered when faults remove

Over Current Protection   Charger output current does not exceed the set maximum battery charging current.

Over Short Circuit Protection  Battery charger output can be shorted without damage No odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, and excessive heal happen. The power shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when then the fault condition is removed)

Over reverse polarity Protection When the battery charger output line reversed after the charger will not work until the right user access only to start.

F:DC Connector Dimension:Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

Optional output connector: 3-port Inline, 3-pin XLR, Alligator clip, 3-port House, Coaxial etc.

Special plug: 4-pin XLR, 2-port Inline, 3-pin House, Polarized, 3-port House for Panterra and Grio, Polarized C7 etc

                                                  Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

Product picture                                                                                                                                                                           

battery charger.jpg12v charger.jpgbatteries charger.jpgbattery charger 12v.jpglead acid battery charger.jpg

charger 12V.jpg

lead acid battery charger.jpg

12V battery charger.jpg


battery charger 12V.jpg 12V 6A lead


12v charger.png acid battery charger

12v 6a charger.jpg

battery charger.png


12V 6A lead acid battery charger

                                                   Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

Package include                                                                                                                                                                      

1 x Battery charger

1 x User Manual

Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

About Product:

1.We promise all the photos display on our store are taken by our team, it is real and 2-10% brightness adjustment.

2.Before sending, all the battery chatger will be tested, when packing item, we will use the Foam sponge or Corrugated box to protect the battery charger, we will make sure you will receive the perfect product.


1. If you are satisfied with our battery charger, Please take a minute to leave us your positive feedback. We depend on customers’ satisfaction to succeed. Therefore your positive feedback of 5 STARS is extremely important for us.

2. If you are not satisfied with our battery charger, Please Do not leave any negative feedback before contacting with us. We will do all we can and work with you to solve any problems.

Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger


2. Please confirm the shipment way and payment, and we will deliver the products in 1-3 working days after we receive the payment. And the tracking number will be given at the first time.

3. Import duties, taxes or other customs cost.Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

In most cases, the buyer don’t need to pay any import taxes. We will declare it as a battery charger gift.But sometimes in some countries, the customs officer may be strict. we are not accountable for any customs fee. Please check out the customs policy at your own place. If you have to pay the customs fees, it is your duty to your own country, the buyer should understand this situation.

Return and Refund policy:

1. We support no reason return and change item policy, but buyer need to pay full cost for two way transports (include the shipping, taxes and customs cost etc.) and keep the item in good condition, otherwise we will keep right to refuse the refund and return. All the return policy must be apply within 3 days (the time point start from buyer receive the item).

2. If the buyer receive wrong and problem items, please contact us within 3 days, and provide the confirmation proof through Video or Photos. When the item is judged as our responsibility, we provide the refund and return policy. If the item can be accepted and repaired in domestic we will take a part of refund. If can not be repaired or broken totally, we will refund the full money or change a new one to buyer when we receive the wrong or problems items.

3. When the refund policy can not solve problems, we accept the return policy, but for return policy buyer need to afford one way cost (the shipping, taxes and customs cost from your country to us), and when we receive the return items we will refund the money.

We are not recommending the return policy, because that cause high cost for both of us.

Contact Us:Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

1. Before place order, firstly please take a moment to read all the information provided here where your most questions’ answers are.

2. You can contact with us by trade manager or by email, we track the message everyday.

lifepo4 battery charger.jpg 
Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger
1. Are you battery charger Manufacturer?

Yes, we are a professional lifepo4 battery charger manufacture over 13 years’ experience.

2. Are you specialized in battery charger products?

Yes, we specialize in Lithium battery charger, Lead acid battery charger, LifePO4 battery charger, Smart battery charger.

3. How do you guarantee the quality of your battery charger products?

The battery charger  workshop is strict implementation in accordance with the ISO9001 system. Our quality control department made strict quality inspection and 100% aging before packing.

4. Do you have any certification of your battery charger  products?

Yes, we have CE, Rohs and FCC certification for most of our battery charger. Some chargers we have UL certification, but the price will be a little higher.

5. How to transport the 12V battery charger?

We have 13 years’ experience in their long-term cooperation partners. We can arrange the port and transit country as your demands.

6. Does the 12  battery charger have the minimum order requirements?

No, we have not minimum order requirements for chargers for the normal items.

7. What is the 12V battery charger lead time?

Depend on the quantity of your order. Usually the normal 12V  battery charger needs 1-3 days, and OEM order requires 8-12 days.

8. Can you arrange to ship my other supplier’s product together?

Yes, we can help to collect and ship your supplier’s product, and even help to source any products from China you specified in addition to the 12V battery charger products

9. Can I visit your factory?Intelligent 12V 6A lead acid battery charger

Sure, welcome to our factory. In addition, we provide free help to large customers to verify the quality of your other supplier service. We can help you to your other Chinese suppliers for verification, and to provide on-site photos, certificates and other documents.

10. Do you offer other service?

Yes, if you need our help on purchasing any goods, just send us your demand details. We will do our utmost to help you, and to provide you with convenient China management.


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