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8-inch Chef Knife with Blue Resin Handle



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Material: 4cr17 stainless steel, solid wood handle
Quantity: 10 sets
Purpose: cutting meat/cutting vegetables/fruit

Style: American


Additional information

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 350 × 100 × 100 cm

Green 3pcs set B, Red 3pcs set, Green 5pcs set B, Green 5pcs set, Red 3pcs setB, Red 5pcs set, Red 5pcs setB, Green 3pcs set, Blue 3PC, Blue 5PC, Blue 5piece setC, Blue 3piece setB, Blue 2piece set, Blue 4piece setB, Blue 8piece set, Blue 6piece set, 5inch universal knife, 7.5inch cutting knife, Blue 2piece setB, Blue 5piece setB, Green 10piece set, 8inch noodle knife, Blue 5piece set, Blue 9piece set, Blue 4piece set, Blue 3piece set, Blue 2piece setC, Blue 7piece set, Red 10piece set, Blue 10piece set, 3.5inch peel knife, 5inch Santoku knife, 8inch meat cleaver, 6inch boning knife, 7inch scattered knives, 7inch small kitchen knife, 8inch chefs knife


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