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698-2700MHz Indoor Wall Mounted Antenna/Lte 4G Directional Panel Antenna (GW-IWMA70277D)

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Product Description

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698-2700MHz Indoor Wall Mounted Antenna/LTE 4G Directional Panel Antenna (GW-IWMA70277d)

Product Feature:
* Elegant appearance, simple installation, stable performance.
* Good performance in anti-vibration and resistant to aging.
* Fit for installation for Aluminum ceiling and Gypsum Ceiling.

Frequency Range 698-960/1710-2700-MHz
Bandwidth 262/990-MHz
Gain 7-dBi
 Intermodulation IM3  ≤-107-dBm  (2W)
VSWR ≤2.0
Polarization Vertical
Max power 100 -W
Nominal Impedance 50 -Ω


Connector­­­ N female or customized
Antenna Dimension          208*178*45-mm
Weight 0.5-kg
Rated Wind Velocity 60-m/s
Mounting Wall Mount



User’s Manual

user's manual.jpg

Product Manual


Mobile wireless networks offer great convenience to people’s communication. However, people often suffer from communication interruption or failure due to mobile phone wireless signal loss or weakness that are always caused by the shadow effect of wireless signal transmission and the buildings shielding effect on the electromagnetic wave. The situation also exists in remote area with few base stations or beyond base station coverage.

The LCD Repeaters  is a newly designed solution with intelligent functions. It is the perfect solution for providing a wireless improvement in the cellular reception of a home, office, restaurant, building or shopping mall. The covering area is ranging from 300 to 1000 square meters.



1. Isolation Inspection. When first power on the repeater, the device will automatically detect the isolation between the donor antenna and service antenna. The users could easier see the status and make the adjustment accordingly.


2. Input&Output Signal Strength Indication. The specific number of uplink and downlink  measured in Output Power(dBm). Easy for users’ understanding.


3. Manual Gain Adjustment. The users or engineers could reduce the gain of the repeater manually via the buttons below the screen. The uplink and downlink gain could be set independently. “+” is increasing the gain, “-” is decreasing the gain.


4. Automatic Gain Control. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a dynamic gain adjustment feature with 31dB range.


5.Smart Mode = AUTO Mode. The repeater could automatically change the gain according to the specific environment when the smart function is on. Please note that when the SMART is on, users could not able to set the gain manually. Gain reduce 31dB automatically at first, then AGC Alarm RED when AGC control 5dB-10dB, ISO Alarm RED when AGC control 20dB-25dB, Repeater will Auto Shut Down. Auto restart after two minutes.


6. MANU Mode, users can set the gain manually. AGC Alarm RED when AGC control 5dB-10dB ;

ISO Alarm RED when AGC control 20dB-25dB, Repeater will Auto Shut Down. 

Auto restart after two minutes.


7. Auto Shut Down = ISO. Auto Shut Down is a stage that temporarily stops the RF function. If the input power reduces to a safe range for the repeater to operate, the software would power the repeater back on and restore all functions promptly. However, if the input power remains too great and dangerous for the network, it will then shut down completely. In such case, the signal is too strong for the usage of the repeater.

Standard Package

1) AC90-264V, DC 9V/5A power supply adapter 1PCS


2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/SA/China standard, etc) 1PCS


3) Installation kit 1PCS


4) User manual 1PCS


Application Diagram

640  (107)__


1) Donor antennaRecommend to use wide band panel antenna (7~14dBi gain) or Yagi antenna, better to use antenna with good direction, high gain, and decoration shall be considered if it is in urban areas.


2) RoleIt picks up signals from the tower, and sends to the booster through cables, at the same time, it transmits the amplified mobile signals from the booster to the tower.


3) Server antennaRecommend to use indoor omni or panel antenna. Indoor omni is suitable for wide open areas where the signals can be radiated from the center to the surroundings, while indoor panel is suitable for those narrow and long areas, like tunnels, corridors, elevators, etc.


4) Cables5D-FB or 7D-FB coaxial cables.


5) Power supplyBooster power adapter, a desktop standard. Usually directly connected to a power outlet. But preferably equipped with an air switch, groundings, sometimes a surge arrestor shall be connected.


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